Sunday, 27 November 2011

At work i've helped out in pretty much everything; press, sales, shop management etc. But I've never really had the time to go downstairs and learn a bit more about how they make jewellery. I love watching them and finally last week Trish started teaching me the basics. 
 This is the first thing i made before anyone really taught me anything they were just bits lying around that i used jump rings to attach together and i just enjoyed putting it all together.
The earrings below were the first things i made using memory wire for the oval shape, and gimping to add the beads. This is basically when you put the bead on a bit of metal and make a loop at the end. Once you get used to it you can make it really quickly and get really into perfecting it.

The other two pairs of earrings are just more practice to try and perfect my gimping and i got to play around with the shapes and perfect it. It's actually really rewarding and you don't realise how much goes into making something like this. Every little hoop is made or added and everything has to be cut and shaped just right. 
Hopefully i'll be able to move on to bigger and more complicated things such as soldering and creating some of the bigger pieces that Erickson Beamon are known for. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The wound is king and how.

I finally got my tattoo last week, i've been meaning to get it for months. There is always that moment when you decide to get it done that day that you get a little bit apprehensive, and i guess that's why i never went to get it on my own. 
Especially as when i got my first tattoo i was only 16 and got a little bit freaked out as to if i'd done something i really wanted. But this time i walked out after having it done completely happy, and although it hurt like a motherfucker i was really pleased with it. 
So it was an early birthday present to myself and i'd been wanting this phrase for ages as i love the meaning behind it and can really relate to it. I went through a lot of shit and lost my way quite a few times, and it's just a reminder to not let my vision become obscured by those things around us that seem important at the time but that ultimately aren't. 

These are from when i had just had it done. It reads 'Visions clipped by wings and crowns'

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ruven Afanador

I have somewhat of an obsession with this photographer. I just love his work, the way he creates these stories in his pictures, almost fairytale-esque. 
Originally from columbia he is now based in new-york he does everything from fashion editorials, advertisement to iconic portraits. He really is worth checking out and has inspired me with pieces i did for my A level art last year. Here are some examples.. (everything was done by myself;setting, dress, hair, make-up, photography and editing) I'm a bit of a control freak and like to do it all. 

Birthday in just over a week.

As I really was not paying attention to the date, I only just realised that it's my birthday a week on thursday. 
It's not exactly an interesting age to be turning, especially after the big 1-8. So i'm not really expecting anything very exiting, below is more of a wish list of things i want atm. 

The likely-hood of me getting any of these isn't huge, but everyone can dream and hope. 
(think i'm going to get the tattoo this week, it'll be my second one)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I love changing the colour of my nails, it's become a small obsession. Ever since I was little and saw my Grandmother's amazing long and manicured nails, i've always wanted the same.
Recently i've been trying out different things to do with painting my nails, i enjoy being creative but i have only tried some simple ones. 

More to come soon

It's hard to dance with the devil on your back

I'm creating a blog as an outlet. A way to write down everything.

Talking about what i'm thinking or feeling doesn't come naturally to me, not in words anyway. The way I do express it is through drawing, taking pictures and designing- and I want to be able to put them all somewhere and have a continuous flow rather than just sheets, cables and fabric lying all over my room with nowhere to go. 

So that is what this will be.