Sunday, 27 November 2011

At work i've helped out in pretty much everything; press, sales, shop management etc. But I've never really had the time to go downstairs and learn a bit more about how they make jewellery. I love watching them and finally last week Trish started teaching me the basics. 
 This is the first thing i made before anyone really taught me anything they were just bits lying around that i used jump rings to attach together and i just enjoyed putting it all together.
The earrings below were the first things i made using memory wire for the oval shape, and gimping to add the beads. This is basically when you put the bead on a bit of metal and make a loop at the end. Once you get used to it you can make it really quickly and get really into perfecting it.

The other two pairs of earrings are just more practice to try and perfect my gimping and i got to play around with the shapes and perfect it. It's actually really rewarding and you don't realise how much goes into making something like this. Every little hoop is made or added and everything has to be cut and shaped just right. 
Hopefully i'll be able to move on to bigger and more complicated things such as soldering and creating some of the bigger pieces that Erickson Beamon are known for. 

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