Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

So after six years I finally found out what has been affecting my life for so long. 

I honestly after so long didn't think we'd ever really know what it was, why i had these mysterious chronic pains, why my immune system had become weaker and weaker and why it had affected my life for so long. But my mum got a call from my doctor who was so excited that she could finally give me a diagnosis and that treatment could commence. 
When my mum came to tell me i could tell how deflated she was, she looked upset- and this wasn't because it was incredibly bad news but that it can't be cured only managed. 
It must be incredibly hard for her, she has been the constant throughout the 6 years taking me to every single one of my appointments, staying overnight in hospital when i had tests or was ill. She has been like my personal assistant telling school to back off and leave me alone when their constant berating took it's toll on me. 
I think the last year has most definitely been the worst for me, Clinical depression, constant chest and throat infections, loosing all interest in everything around me. It was the worst for my parents because they had to watch this happen but couldn't do anything about it. I think i changed so much in 2011, i lost so much and had to adapt and rebuild everything. This is not to say that it's complete, i'm still having to work hard on a lot of things that most people around me don't understand and probably never will. I lost a lot of friends this way but that has made the ones that stuck by me all the more special to me. 

I can obviously talk about this subject for pages, it's been my life for 6 years theres a lot to say on the subject. But the point of this is to be able to say what i finally have instead of never knowing what to say. 

So I have Mast cell activation syndrome. From what i know about it which isn't much as not much is known about it- it's very rare and they don't know how people get it or develop it. But it causes problems with the immune system weakening it which in turn explains why i am constantly ill and why i now have chronic fatigue. But it can be managed with anti-histamine, yearly monitoring, help from the immunologist and a special diet and exercise plan that will supposedly give me more energy which is what i'm severely lacking in at the moment. 

I don't really know what my feelings about this are yet. 

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